Most common mistakes when submitting a MBE, WBE, WBE or 8a certification application


  • Unsigned or undated documents (bylaws, operating agreement, stock certificates).
  • Expired documents (business license, driver´s license).
  • Incomplete documentation (resume, list of last year´s contracts).
  • NAICs code mismatch between Tax Returns and contracts.


Federal financial obligations and (8A, Self WOSB, DBE Certifications)

Applicants are ineligible if the firm or its principals,

  • Have failed to pay Federal financial obligations, past due taxes or liens.
  • Have been delinquent in filing your corporate and personal Federal or local tax returns.


How to meet control requirements in MBE, WBE, Self WOSB, 8A, and DBE certification?

Applicant person must meet the following Control requirements:

  • 1 Own at least 51% of the company
  • 2 Be the highest compensated individual
  • 3 Hold highest officer position in the company
  • 4 Possess and continuously exercise legal authority to determine policies and objectives of the applicant firm to make all substantive, day to-day decisions
  • 5 Possess the power to manage assets, administration and bookkeeping functions
  • 6 Must have technical competence and experience directly related to the type of business in which the firm is engaged.

Proof of initial investment

MBE, WBE and DBE certification ask to submit an applicant´s proof of initial investment in the firm. Following documents serve as a proof of investment:

  • 1 Both sides of cancelled checks used to purchase your ownership in the firm.
  • 2 Invoices of startup expenses (incorporation, computer, office equipment, etc).
  • 3 Initial Corporate Bank statement.
  • 4 Origin of the funds used for the investment.

DBE and 8a certifications-Net worth

DBE and 8a certification require to submit an updated Net worth statement.

Provide precise and reliable information, keep in mind the auditor may ask you all supporting documentation like: bank statement, mortgage balance, retirement account balance, home appraisal, stock investment balance.

If you are married, please provide separately your and your spouse net worth


What does full time devotion mean? (When applying for a certification)

Federal certifications like 8a, State and third-party MBE & WBE certifications require applicant´s full time devotion to the applicant firm.

The Applicant person must work full-time during normal working hours for the applicant firm.


5 keys to meet resume requirements when applying for a certification.

Prepare a resume sounds easy, but it has some basic requirements.

  • 1 Include resumes of all principals, partners, officers and/or key employees of the firm.
  • 2 Contact Information showing home address, telephone number, full name
  • 3 Education, training showing dates and place
  • 4 Past and current experience, including Company name, official title, dates and duties.
  • 5 Bios are not acceptable



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