What are the benefits of getting the WOSB certification through BizPlanEAsy?


You save time and avoid mistakes. Our Experts have helped hundreds of companies and are able to identify the most common mistakes and correct them promptly


You have a single point of contact, instead of having to call different numbers and talk to different people every time. You just talk to one of our specialist who will be dedicated to prepare the application for you.


Do I need someone to help me with this process or can I do it myself?


If you want to apply for this Certification, an expert guidance is usually a wise decision since the success rate for those companies that attempt the application on their own is less than 40%. Our expertise and knowledge of the process will make this process smooth and swift for you.


How many years has BizPlanEasy been doing this service for small businesses?


With 9 years’ experience in helping small businesses, we can assure you that no matter what package you choose, we work harder and faster to get your business certified. BizPlanEasy always quotes a competitive price for our customers while ensuring quality and timely work.


Do I get a dedicated point of contact?


We treat every application individually and take your certification as seriously as you do. If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to give us a call if you have any question.


Is there a guarantee that I will get certified?


Please note that BizPlanEasy cannot guarantee Successful approval of the certification as the decision is made by a governmental authoritative body. BizPlanEasy relies on the information provided by the client and prepares the application accordingly. If the State finds any discrepancies in the application and rejects the application, BizPlanEasy will not be responsible.


What is the process of BizPlanEAsy-WOSB Certification Preparation  service?


1)    Audit and Information collection: During this time of the process we will list all the information we need from you in order to start the application.


2)      Professional Application Preparation: Once we have all the information, we put together the complete package as it is required by the certifier, to ensure that your application is 100% complete and complaint and gets accepted the first time.


3)     Review of application with the customer before submission: We send you all material to be submitted so you can approve or simply keep for records.

4)      Application Submission

5)     Follow-up in case of delays or any notifications from the certifier

6)     Certification Resolution The packages offer

7)     Dedicated Point of Contact throughout the process. One of our business certification specialists will work directly with you to help you through the process.

8)    Phone & Email Support during the application process to answer your questions and keep the application moving forward to completion. (Phone support is limited to 3 hours, whereas unlimited email support will be given).



What will be my role and responsibility when I purchase this package?



*      Provide the necessary information required for the process


*      Provide information in a prompt manner

*      Provide truthful and accurate information

*      Review the entire application and approve before submission

*      Pay in full for the service (price included below)

*      Required documentation needs to be given within 60 Calendar days



What it the role and responsibilities of BizPlanEasy’s?



*       Ask for all information necessary

*      Consult with a client when there is any need for a decision

*      Prepare the entire application

*       Provide the client with a preview of the application for their review






What are the benefits of getting the WOSB certification?


Contracts with government, the contracting goal of 5% of prime contracting dollars being awarded to WOSBs. Less competition to in getting bids awarded.


Who issues the WOSB Certification?


The Small Business Administration Agency


How long may I participate in WOSB program?


There is no term limit on this program.

What is a WOSB?


 A small business owned by women by at least 51%, controlled by women by 51%. Women shall be US Citizens.


How do I know if I am a small business?


You must meet the size standards corresponding to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code that is your business’ primary industry classification. The primary industry classification is a six-digit NAICS code that best describes the primary business activity of the concern. The NAICS code designations are described in the NAICS manual available via the Internet at http://www.census.gov/NAICS and the size standards can be found at http://www.sba.gov/contractingopportunities/officials/size/table/i ndex.html.


What is meant by a business needing to be at least 51% unconditionally owned by one or more women? What does unconditional mean?


To be considered unconditional, the ownership must not be subject to any conditions, executory agreements, voting trusts, or other arrangements that cause or potentially cause ownership benefits to go to another. The pledge or encumbrance of stock or other ownership interest as collateral, including seller-financed transactions, does not affect the unconditional nature of ownership if the terms follow normal commercial practices and the owner retains control absent violations of the terms.


What if my small business is a limited liability company, how do I know it meets the ownership requirements?


The articles of organization and any amendments, and the operating agreement and any amendments must evidence that at least 51% of each class of member interest is unconditionally owned by one or more women.


What if my small business is a corporation, how do I know it meets the ownership requirements?


The stock ledger and stock certificates must evidence that at least 51% of each class of voting stock outstanding and 51% of the aggregate of all stock outstanding is unconditionally owned by one or more women. In determining unconditional ownership of the concern, any unexercised stock options or similar agreements held by a woman will be disregarded. However, any unexercised stock option or other agreement, including the right to convert non-voting stock or debentures into voting stock, held by any other individual or entity will be treated as having been exercised.



Does it matter what position in the company the woman holds?


I make the day-to-day management decisions as the Vice President, even though the President is a male. Yes, it matters. You are not eligible for the program. A woman must hold the highest officer position in the concern.



What kind of experience do I need to show to prove I run this WOSB?


 The woman or women must have managerial experience of the extent and complexity needed to run the concern. The woman manager need not have the technical expertise or possess the required license to be found to control the concern if she can demonstrate that she has ultimate managerial and supervisory control over those who possess the required licenses or technical expertise. However, if a man possesses the required license and has an equity interest in the concern, he may be found to control the concern.


What if I work at another job but manage my WOSB?


 I am a woman starting a small architecture business while I work full-time at my current job at an architecture firm. I spend all my nights and weekends working on my small business. Is my small business eligible? No. The woman who holds the highest officer position of the concern must manage it on a fulltime basis and devote full-time to the business concern during the normal working hours of business concerns in the same or similar line of business. The woman who holds the highest officer position may not engage in outside employment that prevents her from devoting sufficient time and attention to the daily affairs of the concern to control its management and daily business operations.


Who is eligible for minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) Certification?


To qualify for an MBE Certification, a business must be at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by an American ethnic minority group member that is a U.S. citizen, physically located in the State of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, or South Dakota, and authorized by the State and County to do business. Minority status constitutes anyone belonging to one of following ethnic groups:

• Asian-Indian*

• Asian-Pacific*

• Black*

• Hispanic*

• Native American*


Does an applicant have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify for MBE Certification?


Yes. An applicant must be an U.S. citizen either by birth or naturalization and must have the appropriate documentation. A permanent resident or a “Green Card” holder does not qualify.

How long does the MBE Certification process take?

The norm is closer to 90 days after submission.








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