Beautiful & Functional Websites

While you prepare and polish your core services we dedicate ourselves to understand your offering and your audience, then prepare an strategy that takes advantage of technology to deliver your message effectively.

Your website is the face of your business, the cover page of your story. Having a well designed website is more important than many people realize. The colors, the typography, the distribution of elements, even the spaces are all aspects have to work in sync to deliver your message.


Our websites are not only beautiful and inviting, they are also functional and informative. We want to create exciting digital experiences for your clients that match the real experience, before and after they engage in business with you.


Technologically, we make sure the website is coded with the latest

techniques and takes advantage of all platforms and new technologies.


We pay special attention to mobile users.

Effective Design

We make sure your website catches the eye of the visitor, then we use graphic elements to engage them to read and understand your message.



We create a website that is easy to navigate and it is informative. It does contain the right amount of information.


Latest Technology

Optimized for SEO

We host your website. No need to contact a third party.

We make sure the website responds well to mobile devices and it is built using latest techniques and best coding practices.


Your website is only useful if it can be discovered. We optimize for specific keywords and follow search engine rules to avoid being penalized.


Weekly summary reports are a great tool that help us analyze who visits your website.


The basic technology to get you up and running

-One-Landing page optimized for SEO

-3 social media accounts setup

-Do-It-Yourself guide to increase your brand using Social Media Strategy


*monthly charges for hosting services


Take advantage of social and let your fan base grow

2-Landing Pages

-3 social media accounts setup

-1-month Basic Social Media Management




*monthly charges for hosting services


Let your business thrive online

all from web PresenceSocial and:


3 months of Basic Social Media Management


-periodical relevant content with image and hash tag

-group registration

-weekly post with comments

-page management




*monthly charges for hosting services

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