Veteran Owned Small Business Certification (VOSB)

Service-Disabled & Veteran Owned Small Business Certification (SDVOSB)

What are the Veteran Owned Small Business and Service-Disabled & Veteran Owned Small Business Certifications?

VOSB and SDVOSB are certifications issued by U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for veteran and service-disabled veteran owner-owned businesses. VA distributes substantial funds each year to finance construction projects initiated by state and local governments, public transit, and airport agencies.

What are the benefits of obtaining the SDVOSB?

The federal government aims to award at least three percent of all federal contracting dollars to service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses each year.

What are the requirements to obtain the VOSB certification?

  • Expands opportunities to participate in federally - funded projects.
  • Become accessible to prime contractors needing to fulfill DBE participation goal requirements. 
  • Listings in official directories used by prime contractors.
  • Increases opportunities to network at events such as procurement fairs and pre-bids.
  • What are the requirements to obtain the DBE certification?

  • Be a working for-profit business.
  • The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a veteran.
  • Own 51% or more of the company he wishes to register.
  • Have full control over the daily management, decision-making and strategic policy of the company.
  • Have the managerial experience necessary to run the business.
  • Be the highest paid person in the company.
  • Work full time for the business.
  • Be the highest official in the company.
  • What are the requirements to obtain the SDVOSB certification?

    You may be eligible if you meet all the requirements of a VOSB listed above and either you or another Veteran owner of the company meets at least one of the requirements listed below.

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  • In-Depth Eligibility Analysis for Business Certifications
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  • Preparation of the certification application from start to finish.
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  • Consulting service by the hour: You do your certification on your own and when you encounter specific questions or need guidance, we are here to help. (charged by the hour)
  • Full Preparation of the certification application from start to finish: Our specialist will collect the documentation and take care of the entire preparation and application submission. We will explain all in detail during he process.
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