SBA 8A Certification

SBA 8A Certification

What is the SBA 8A Certification


SBA (8a) is a program by the United States Government(SBA) that provides assistance in the following areas:


  • business training
  • counseling
  • marketing
  • technical assistance




Huge Federal budget to be spent in certified businesses


$34 Billion dollars annually are spend in certified 8A businesses


Limited Competition.


Only 6,500 businesses have currently completed the program, out of 24 million businesses in the United States.


Increase Sales


According to public information, 5% of all federal spending is earmarked for 8(a) firms.

This is more than $4 million per year in federal spending per 8A company.


Reduce time to obtain the first federal sale


The SBA acts as a liaison with the 8(a) firm in order to help the 8(a) firms obtain federal contracts. This benefits the 8a firm in the reduction of time necessary to achieve its first federal sale. For most 8a firms the SBA will send out letters of introduction which help the 8a firm make initial contact with their targeted market.


Large Contracts


Team up with other 8A companies in joint venture or protégé arrangement to have access to really large contracts. This is often done with large federal prime contractors. This helps expand the 8a companies knowledge on how the government works, allows the 8a firm to be awarded contracts they would not otherwise be able to win as well as helping to build the 8a firms federal performance history so that they can win large contacts without the 8a firm needing to partner in the future.


Better Revenues


Due to the limited number of 8a firms and the fact that they are all small businesses 8a firms are able to receive better pricing than their non-8a small business peers.


Construction Contractor Friendly


Specially good for Construction companies. 40%+ of all 8A firms are in the construction field.


Obtain FEMA Contracts


$11.5 billion spent annually by FEMA, and a great percentage goes to 8A firms.




Your business must:



Small Business (NAICS Standards)


Owner need to be U.S. citizen


Business owner in excess of 51%



Net worth less than $350,000


Owner must be part of a disadvantaged group



      -Black American

      -Asian Pacific American

      -Hispanic American

      -Native American

      -Subcontinent Asian American

      - Others may apply



Owner control the company unconditionally and directly


Owner must Work full time in business


Demonstrate good Character and  potential to success in 8A program


For Profit Business


Not debarred or suspended by any federal entity


Most of operations occur within the United States



Additional Requirements


2 Years in business ( waiver can be applied)

No Tax liens or federal unresolved issues



  • Get your business fully qualified for Federal Contracts
  • Once certified, you get access to Federal Dollars and will be ready to
  • partner with Government Projects.
  • Certification Experts at BizPlanEasy will help you get your certifications done swiftly and accurately
  • We help you capitalize on the opportunities ahead

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