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Peruvian Cuisine Restaurant

BizPlanEasy Blog - Thursday, November 05, 2015


Our client was a talented chef that always admired her mom's cuisine. Her dream was to open a restaurant with  those special flavors, a reminiscence  from her childhood. When she approached the Bank the first thing they asked was a professional business plan. She was very creative in their recipes and all friend always admired her when she entertained at home, but she didn't have a clue where to start.  She created a 3 page business plan on her own just to discover the bank required a more robust business plan. Then she found BizPlanEasy and explained the situation. 

It was obvious from the beginning that Consuelo was very good at her profession. Our specialist requested her to complete a simple questionnaire which she did promptly and with great detail. At the time, Consuelo hadn't chose the exact location of the business, but she had a very good idea of the area where the business will operate.

Once we had the information about the restaurant, such as geographic area, number of seats, menu, we started researching about Peruvian cuisine and we discovered that there are an interesting amount of people from South America in the area selected. We even found that Peruvian cuisine is becoming an international success and that two renowned chefs have already open high-end restaurants in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Based on the initial investment from the client, we helped her to set the best size for the restaurant. We created projections based on modest occupancy rate in the beginning and put together all the financial projections.
Consuelo presented the business plan and obtained a $35,000 loan, along with her own investment she was able to purchase the kitchen, appliances, utensils and furniture.
She has been in business for one year so far  and is thinking on expanding to a new location in a near city, 12 miles away. The reception of the cuisine in the community has been fabulous.
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