Why BizPlanEasy?

Because we are the perfect balance between price and quality. Our plans are professional and have helped thousands of clients to obtain their small business loans for a very reasonable price.

How long does it take to get the plan completed?

About 5 business days after purchase and once the questionnaire has been completed by the client.

Can you deliver the plan in 2 days?

Yes, we can offer you our expedite service for an additional fee and we can deliver the plan in 2 business days after payment and survey completed.

How do I get the plan delivered to me?

We send the business plan via e-mail. In PDF or Microsoft Word format, so you can print it, email it or modify it from your own computer.

Why do I need a business plan?

When you have a well presented business plan you can show that to your prospect investors, your partners or a bank to request funding. A business plan is also important to help answer some of the basic questions any entrepreneur should know before starting a new business i.e. what is the break even point?,  how much money you need to start your business? What are the threats during the initial stage? and much more information that will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Will I receive a detailed Marketing Plan or Industry analysis in my plan?

Our PLATINO packages are written to satisfy all the answers the Bank or Investor have and they include a marketing plan and industry analysis. However these sections should not be confused with a full-blown industry analysis or marketing plans. These are separated services we can offer for an additional price. Call us for a consultation. Please refer to our sample plan to have an idea of the final plan that you will receive.

Why you don't always need a $1,500 dollar business plan?

The cost of a business plan can very significantly, it can cost as few hundred dollars to as much as $5,000. You need to find out what it is important for your specific needs. More expensive business plans are not always required, not all cases require for expensive and complicated researches, many times these researches could cost thousands of dollars and even then the results are undoubtedly limited in predicting a business behavior.

For most startups the best business plans are succinct and are intended to show that the entrepreneurs have done their homework before spending any significant money or asking for financial help. Planing ahead the most important aspects of the business reduces risks that could determine success or failure.

If you complete diligently our questionnaire, we will will provide you with a plan that contains all the information a Bank or Investor need to know. We have the experience and the methodology at your service for a very competitive price.

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