What is this plan best for?

2 Year financial projections

Small bank loans ( less than 50K)

  Leasing Contracts

  You jut need a simple business plan

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What is this plan best for?

3-Year financial projection

  Bank loans ( 50K to 1Million)



20 minutes phone support with a specialist

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What is this plan best for?

5 Year Financial projections
  Bank loans ( Million+)

  Complex Business

  New Concept

Large Investments

  When it is required at least5 year financial projections

  If document needed in full color

  Aside the complete business plan. A One Pager fully colored summary version of the plan is needed.

Risk Rating Analysis

Sensitivity Risk Assessment

Feasibility Analysis

40 minutes phone support with the specialist

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FREE up to 2-Revisions for 1 year

Industry Report $299.00


Full  30-Pages Industry Analysis  from one of the world's leading publishers of business intelligence, specializing in Industry research and Procurement research.

Industry Outlook

Annual Growth past 5 years

Annual Growth next 5 years

Industry total Revenue

Key External Divers

Industry Life-cycle

Market Share Concentration

Cost Structure

Barriers to entry

Major Companies

Revenue Volatility

Regulation & Policy

Risk Assessment


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