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US Entrepreneur Visas

BizPlanEasy Blog - Tuesday, November 10, 2015


BizPlanEasy has proudly helped many entrepreneurs preparing the business plan for their Visa application.

Our plans contain all the information required by the department.  


US government  offers this type of Visa to foreign entrepreneurs that want to bring their investment and entrepreneurial spirit to US.

According to and other private organizations, for every one immigrant, 1.2 new jobs are created. For different reasons immigrants are more familiar with risk, the mere fact to moving to a new society and new markets make them natural entrepreneurs.

Although there are a number of potential pathways for foreign entrepreneurs such as:

B1 for Business Visitor

H1-B Specialty Occupation

F1/OPT for students that want to start a business in their area of specialty

E2 for Treaty Investors

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

For most of these applications you are required to present a business plan. This is important because one of the requirements is to present a detailed document plan that can answer the majority of the questions the department is looking for. The business plan is one of the most most important parts of your application.

Some immigration attorneys offer the business plan service, however most don't, they  will rely on you to get a business plan that is suited for this type of application. It is important to understand some of the nuances of these type of the document.

What are the things to consider to create a solid business plan for Obtaining an Investor visa?

There are three important things you need to comply in order to qualify for an investor Visa.

1. You need to be a citizen of a Treaty Country, that means a country that has a friendship, commerce or navigation Treat with the US.

check here for a full list.

2. Invest a determined amount of money in a bona fide US Enterprise. You either have already invested or you intend to invest.

3. Prove that you have majority ownership in such Enterprise or you that you have control over such entity through managerial position.

To show evidence that your business is real (not marginal), you need to provide a detailed business plan that shows that the business will generate enough revenues to cover your minimal living of you and your family, a financial projection for the next few years that indicate the economics of the business.

It is important to explain the intention to hire US local force, so the labor requirements should be part of your plan. 

When writing the plan, remember that your Visa could be extended in two or three years and your projections will be re-evaluated at that time. 

So creating educated assumptions and conservative financial statements will give you the best chances to be approved.

Even thouth the Visa application can be a intimidating, don't be discouraged,  US is a great place to start up a business and the opportunities are limitless. The rewards will be worth it. 

Try to start the process as soon as you can, while you work on the concept and research, the process can be long and in some cases you could be denied before they grant you the Visa.


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